Food: The Baon Brigade

A scrumptious home-cooked meal made with love makes an awesome mid-day booster. And packed in a gorgeous food carrier such as the hand-painted tiffin above, how could you possibly not look forward to lunch break?

All my life I’ve always brought my own packed lunch meals (baon) to school and to work, cooked by my domesticated goddess of a mother who always made sure her kids ate well. In addition,  she saw to it that our baon always looked good; that meant a complete meal with fruit or baked goodies packed nice and neatly in a good-looking food container or lunch box, with clean matching utensils and pretty placemats and cloth napkins. Where I am from this didn’t appeal well to other school kids, which is rather odd when you think about it as majority of the student population brought their own lunch to school. Kids can be so strange sometimes. But I stray. 

So I began this week with a lunch break picnic with my favorite cousin at the nearby pseudo-park (a patch of grass, benches, foliage) to celebrate good-cooked food, family cuisines, reducing waste, and well, saving money. And that was the official launch of The Baon Brigade. And I invite you to join us – chronicle your daily healthy baon  and what’s so good about it, how good and scrumptious it is as how it looks, how you reduced your forkprint by bringing your own lunch without all the plastic and waste. Photos would be great! Just send em over at, if you want your baon featured here. Regarding ours, unfortunately another camera was lost/stolen so we weren’t equipped to document this awesome event. Boooo

Oh, about tiffins. I strongly support them. I think they are wonderful and handy, while keeping your meals organized and uncluttered. Some friends of mine have been using these things for ages as well. You can get them anywhere like the kitchen department of your nearest department store, just be mindful of things like if they’re made with BPA or atleast they’re not magnetic. Just ask the merchandise personnel.

From Nkuku, the makers of that lovely one above:
The word ‘Tiffin’ comes from the British Indian word meaning ‘light lunch’. In Mumbai, the word mostly refers to packed lunches, prepared for working Indian men by their wives, or for school children by their parents. In Mumbai thousands of Tiffin boxes are delivered to their destinations by ‘Tiffin Wallahs’, using a highly complex system. It truly is a wonder to behold how the thousands of unaddressed Tiffin’s somehow reach their final destinations.

Know what you’ll have for lunch this week? 


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