Curious Spaces: The Circus Coliseum, sort of.

Lady wrestlers have a chat with me in between fights

Midget wrestling and lady boxing.

Glaring and blaring in neon glory.
“Sounds like a whole lotta sleaze to me.”
“But fun, yes?”

All this (and more) you will find at a place called Ringside Bar. Along those colorful streets of Makati City, Philippines. Been to Sukhumvit in Bangkok? Patpong? You can’t miss it. 

“Do you want to oil the midgets?”

Most likely if you are fair skinned with hints of the Caucasian glint in your eyes, and you had decided to earnestly grace this place for all the fun and sleaze its got to offer you, that question will be pointed right at you. Pardon the generalization, but really, the dynamics of a red-light district in a developing Southeast Asian country ts a no brainer, sensitivities set aside. And so. If you are the fun, the bold and the maverick you think you are, then by all means grease those hands of yours and ready your pesos please. Not all that’s fun is free.

Or perhaps not.

Question: So what when why who?
Answer: An earnest impromptu “show-around-town” for a couple of visiting Swersian (Swedish + Persian, gitit?) friends of my friend during that post-Ketsana weekend last year.

Ringside Bar
Kalayaan Avenue perpendicular to Makati Avenue (near P. Burgos Street)
Makati City, Philippines

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