Curious Creatures: Street Dogs, Bangkok style



I love dogs.

And cats, hamsters, wombats, and most furry mammals and marsupials. Okay, probably most animals.
I really miss my dogs back home.  So I can only surmise that the sudden pangs of separation anxiety prodded me to make this post.


In Thailand, street dogs are more commonly referred to as soi dogs, as soi basically translates to “side street”. When I travel, I find myself befriending dogs (and cats) in the most random settings and occasions. Here are a couple in Bangkok I found really adorable.
Tarot, palm and star reader.
English speaking.


And another one in a Bangkok train station.
Too cute.

One observation I made about soi dogs is the general lot of them look and seem rather friendly. And healthy. Not the feral, mangy and defensive sort I often spot in local side streets. I wonder if it is the availability of resources needed for survival in the areas they dwell in, or the kind of societal treatment these dogs get from their human cohabitants. But it was a nice and pleasant generalization.


A couple of local groups working for the welfare of these dogs:


Thailand’s Soi Cats and Dogs (formerly Soi Dog Rescue)
Soi Dog Foundation