Read: for all the crazy cat ladies

What we want is to be chosen. And we want to be chosen by intelligent, well-kept, attractive individuals.We want to be chosen for who we are, complete with all our insecurities and waverings, and all those lovely vulnerabilities that have been taught to disdain in ourselves, and we are –by our cats.


This touching and well-researched discussion on women, their cats, and the mystery behind a so-called stigma, written by Clea Simon, is loaded with estrogen and animal passion. And compassion, introspection, and retrospection — not to mention, impressive documentation. While the author recounts her own ‘love’ story with Cyrus T. Cat, to whom the book is dedicated to, and how she grew into the person (and writer) she is today; numerous accounts of other women, successful in their respective careers, and their “familiars” (a more appropriate term for the cat’s role, over the mere pet) are shared throughout the book. 

The book is indeed written for a particular audience, or demographic, and is not without passionate opinions and prejudice. But it is also this passionate voice, a defense or manifesto for all the mocked crazy cat ladies, which makes this book endearing. With every page, chapter, and cat owner encounter, it reads to me like an extended chat with other fellow women — fellow cat/animal loving women — touching on responsible care and pet ownership, impacts on career and relationships, growth and development, choices and limitations. 

I am more than glad I stumbled upon a random book sale right smack in the middle of a mall, and picked this up on a Buy1-Take1 deal.


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