Counting and tossing out beans, v.2010

Right now: a cup of lukewarm coffee, a few bites of vegetable lasagna, idle fingers on a keyboard. And an adamant resistance to pour through posted photographs and thoughts from the months or years past.

So, how are you spending the last day of the year? Might you be floating and wading through rivers of nostalgia, digging into the past 364 days and ticking off un/successful resolutions (What did I mean by call in more often??), jotting down new ones (Okay I mean, keep in touch with friends and family more), sorting and laying out plans for eve festivities? yada yada.

How about: instead of immersing my nose in the days/months past and sniffing through a concoction of melancholy, regret, and gratitude, I can also enjoy this warm patch my ass has been plopped on for the last # hours, brew another fresh pot of beans, handfeed these scraps to my dog, clean up for my mom, watch a movie with my sister.

Oh hey, yes I am alive. The Great Migration did come through and the last four weeks has been a whirlwind. I have been settling down, fumbling to build my nest one day and ritual at a time, whilst thrown immediately into work — the daily grind on crack. And each day as I wash the morning stars out and slap awake this walking dead on the bus, a thought pops like a sticky note: I’m actually here. With him, with these incredibly nice and creative people, in this amazingly fun job.



And as we count and toss out a few more beans from 2010,  here’s a couple to chew on:

  1. The No Complain Pact. How about promising or challenging yourself not to complain for a week? Like, when you get the urge to blurt out you’re hungry, or tired, or how annoyingly catty your boss or client is, or how big your ass got over the holidays — zip it. Some have said it to be incredibly liberating, uplifting and sprouts more sparkling conversations. I am all for it.
  2. Be Nice. 



Now go off, have a happy new beer and for the next 300+ days, you.


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