Beds and Breakfast

So more on Borneo. 

To satisfy an unbearable itch for the random and unexpected, I had booked a flight and packed a bag on a whim to Kuching to catch this year’s Rainforest World Music Festival. Some friends that were going as well, with their travel arrangements down pat, offered to bunk. I greatly appreciated the offers, however the call of the random accommodation was too persistent to resist. 

The one I chose was conveniently located in the City Centre, along some nice cosy pubs, and right behind a commercial hotel. Upon pulling up into the narrow alley, the cab driver asked me, “Are you sure you are staying here?” I blamed the obscure alley, weak flourescent signage and hole-in-the-wall entrance for his doubt. 

It was as minimal, no-frills, and downright straightforward as accommodations can get; this is the girls’ shared room, pick your bunk bed, a pillow and a sheet, the shower and toilet are down the hall. It was nice and cosily spartan. And clean. I slept like an overfed baby that night. 

The next morning, I woke up with two other girls. Yes, that’s how how we like to tell our story to people who ask how we met because we seem to have a long inseparable history. Haha.  One of them had to transfer and we spent the whole morning hostel hunting in the scorching Sarawak heat.     

A hot hostel hunt

Found: a charming outdoor kitchen and wash area

While there is a good number of Couch Surfers in Malaysia, the budget inns and hostels (at least in Kuching City Centre) are quite a recommendable option. By nice, I mean comfortable, convenient, reasonable, clean. For SGD18 / MYR8 per night, I had nothing to complain about. Not only did I wake up refreshed and with two new good friends, there was free breakfast as well.


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