A Cup of Comfort


A frustrated barista’s homemade attempts to beat the rainy midday blues. 
Actually, I had been thoroughly enjoying this cold weather and thought it’d be more enjoyable with a warm, cosy, frothy latte. Without an espresso maker though, the result was a “cappuccino” and still hit all the right spots. 

Back home I would probably be whipping up some hot tsokolate with the trusted batirol, whipped thick and extra rich in traditional Spanish Eh! fashion or creamy and frothy for the sister. 
Reminder to self: bring back a maleta full of tablea or cacao balls the next time I visit home.

PS. Quite off-tangent, but somewhat relevant.
Last week, I had a girl friend over for coffee and chitchat. I mentioned cacao, and how I missed its bittersweet flavour and making it at home. She replied, “Cacao? You mean cocoa?” 
I shrugged, “Yeah.. cacao. Yeah, like cocoa. Chocolate.”
She was still really confused. “Cacao? What is that? What a funny word.” 
It was my turn to be confused. I barely believed that she had never heard of the word cacao. 
I had to ask: “Wait, where do you think chocolate comes from?”          
My friend isn’t a ditz. Well okay, she seems to never have bothered to ponder on the origins of chocolate. There are sooo many other things to think about after all.
She also comes from a place where cacao trees do not grow and sprout pods and chocolate is in its final refined form, wrapped and ready to eat straight from Willy Wonka’s factory. So I tried my best to describe what little I know about chocolate, its plant form and how it is processed. It was rather refreshing, for someone who grew up with the tradition of making hot chocolate, paired with suman (a Filipino sticky rice snack) and mangoes on rainy days and holidays. And it really made me miss the stuff and feel a bit homesick.


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