Nest: Who needs bricks or sticks?

Not advisable: tent sans ground sheet, sans fly sheet. 

Almost exactly a month ago, we climbed a mountain. 
It may not have been the first mountain I tried to climb, but it might as well have been.
My travel buddy, The Wandering Reader (aka. Nagbabasang Pinoy/ Kristine, the only other person I know who travels by wandering off and getting lost), has already narrated several accounts of comical and not so comical mishaps, profundity, and the humbling challenge only experienced by two fools on a quest to conquer the second highest mountain in the Philippines.      

The entire trip was a series of interesting bed and shelter negotiations, beginning with a free night at a local government office in the city centre, and me sleeping like a baby hanging in a hammock high above the ground of a warehouse hours before my flight. The travel buddy had spent her last night in the lap of muscular paradise in a monastery. I wonder if, this time, we might’ve pushed my life mantra (stretching away from comfort zones) beyond the quota of our limits. Too many times we’ve been told we might just be pushing it, leaving almost everything to chance and citing Into The Wild or Hostel too often than we can account for. 

The potential body bag – at the risk of sounding morbid.

Now before I make this sound so reckless, anyone who craves for the unpredictability of nature or a mere break from the monotony of the urban hamster wheel would understand that such decision-making (albeit random/ haphazard) is well conceived in the spirit of adventure. And who ever said adventures were comfortable? 

A few modifications in my travel plans might consist of just equipment and supplies: tougher tent with ground and fly sheets, thicker and warmer clothes, thicker sleeping bag; and more physical preparation. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have done it differently. 
Oh, perhaps a different set of guides. But that’s for another post. 

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