The Constant Shift

Mandatory shot of the “last sunset”  from the former nest

So I know that this blog is essentially a documentation of a semi-nomad’s nesting habits, or something close to that effect.  Perhaps it wasn’t conceived in that context but as it evolved, I recognised patterns in my life that I was keen on recording — that as much as I thrive in uncertainty and restlessness and the constant shift of space, there will always be the yearning and fascination to make the space my own and dwell in the comfort of a home, regardless of time and impermanence. 

After two weeks of nomadic bus-jumping, city-hopping, shelter-seeking, cross-cultural explorations in India (but that’s for another post) I returned to an abrupt hobo situation. A boring story which only involves a laid-off landlord and a prematurely terminated lease. I had barely clocked 5 months into that new flat. And yes, I do think I am fortunate to be in a position with options and solutions; that I can still find a replacement in less than a week, that I have the means to grab and secure a place, that the biggest predicament and inconvenience would be the packing-evacuation-transporting-unpacking process. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t dire at all. I have found a new place, moved and started to ease myself into it. 

And I must say, the idea of just settling in and staying put (for a while at least) sounds appealing and comforting. I cannot guess when the restlessness will kick in and the feet will itch yet again, but for now, some stability and steadiness would be quite nice.


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