10 Things

Just a list of goings-on the last few weeks. No particular order:

10. I am alive and fine. I forgot about the e-mail auto-responder and it didn’t cross my mind to blast SMS notifications. Sorry to those inconvenienced.

9. Living on a farm is a comfort zone. Those were the best days of food of my life.

8. Arugula, lettuce and banana make one amazing smoothie.

7. When they said ‘The Silence’ is the easy part, nobody mentioned ‘The Intense Pain’.

6. An insignificant perk of a meditation camp: developing reactive immunity to sounds of gaseous release in the midst of such glorious silence.

5.  Have you ever noticed how often chickens sharpen their beaks?

4. That moment of suddenly craving for fried chicken when the only eye contact you have is with a chicken is the most messed up moment I’ve ever had.

3.  This new ancient language I’ve been learning is hauntingly beautiful.

2.  Keep calm and move on to the next sensation.

1. Everything arises, everything passes.

0. We are all just a mass of bubbles. What is beauty? “You are a beautiful mass of bubbles!” *

*Forgot to add this bit, in relation to my tweet on S.N. Goenka being the most adorable wise man alive.


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