Bicol: Riddle Me Food

An ama cantor, an ina cantora, nag aki princesa pula an bituka.

= Bunay.

The father is a singer, the mother is a singer, they had a daughter with red intestines. 

= (chicken) egg

Biclaton garu payong, tikomon garu dagom.

= Janit

Open and it’s an umbrella, closed and it’s a needle. 

= Gabi leaf

Manok ko sa kadlagan, namumula sa kaisugan. 

= Lada

My cock in the forest is red with anger. 

= Red hot chilli pepper

After spending some time in the province of Sorsogon, one of 6 in the Bicol Region in the Philippines, I’ve grown a fondness for the language. Particularly because of its complexity; the Bikolano dialect is broken down to 4 sub-dialects (Northern, Southern, Northern Catanduanes, Inagta-Rinconada). To digress, the Province of Sorsogon is home to 4 languages, distinguished either by one of the Bikol region languages (divided further into 2 subgroups) or Central Visayan.

(Edited, 22 Oct): What makes Sorsoganon language particularly complex is a matter of geography. Sorsogon, on the southermost tip of Luzon, is where the cultures of Bicol and Visayas intersect. The tongue is, indeed, Bikolano, but possesses the most Visayan words in all of the provinces outside the Visayan region next to Masbate.

And because Bikolanos (and Sorsoganons) proudly eat, think, talk, breathe food on clockwork, it is only apt that their riddles would be mostly about food.


2 thoughts on “Bicol: Riddle Me Food

  1. Maurag ka na palan mag taram ki bicol. Anyhow, I truly enjoyed reading your posts, Chiara. You are an extremely passionate writer. Belated Happy Birthday. Take care, be well. God bless.

  2. sa silangan tuoron,
    katahom nga sud-ongon ,
    banwang tahom lantawon,


    =pilipinas. (ninzkieboynumex)

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