Here is a festival that, in the midst of all the eating, dancing and merrymaking, takes the celebration deep into the heart of its land and people; looking no further beyond its own landscape, its own culture and traditions — simply because there is no need to yearn nor venture beyond. 

 A festival that celebrates the joy of living — not in excess, but in sufficiency and simplicity; a life of contentment so rare, one that can only be cultivated from an awareness of nature’s bounty, its own finiteness, and a sense of connection to the earth.

An excerpt from the last documentary script I wrapped up (finally hallelujiah!). I don’t normally post my professional or income-generating material here but this is one that somehow felt quite personal and meaningful. Hold on, don’t they all? But yes, this last shoot I had for work was quite a refreshing and enlightening experience—perhaps because it was an in-your-face answer to my recent queries and dilemmas about sociocultural issues, particularly on the prevailing disregard for inherent potential and the existence of thriving systems—a norm in lesser developed societies such as ours.

Yes, this is still about Sorsogon.

And Kasanggayahan means life of prosperity, in the Bicol dialect.


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