Page One

The silence has been due to me plunging head first into just way too many projects and other stuff. So, the holidaze came and went, so did doomsday and a gazillion swooshing deadlines, and here we are again at page#1 of the calendar. There’s that tradition of counting good stuff, but the list hasn’t really changed in these last months. Okay, maybe except for this,


That’s what last year looked like. (It wasn’t entirely all that miserable, but anyway, this quirky movie sort of sums it up—except in the movie version, everyone is beautiful and has great hair).

So three things I am utterly happy about:

  1. That the year is starting out nothing like that at all. 
  2. Everything and everyone (including myself) from that year and place have never felt farther away from the present and the future. Finally.
  3. The world looks good with a clearer pair of eyes and an unfuzzy brain.

High five, 2013.