Handbrake turn

Not another long overdue update. Well, yes and a complete content overhaul.

For a quick recount of goings on in the last 3 months,  I was away mostly on multiple, consecutive shoots around and outside the country. Much of the work was anthropological and sociological, visiting indigenous communities and digging into ethnolinguistic cultural norms. Personally, I think this has been a privilege and one of the most fulfilling components of what I do. It is delicate, it is sensitive, and (I think) requires some  integrity, ethics and empathy. Being in this industry (the media) has kept me constantly in self-check; how do I dig without being intrusive? Is my presence imposing? Who exactly benefits from this story? Is the angle presumptuous? Although many would say these questions are more self-questioning than necessary, I like to think these help keep my work clean and grounded.

I’ve also recently picked up on yoga again and committed myself to consistent practise. By committed and consistent, I mean, making it a job and working in a studio. To push myself further, I took the early morning shift, which means getting out of the house before sunrise. The work itself is part-time and a composite of studio management and an apprenticeship. Someone suggested that I blog about this experience, this not-so-convenient route to a life in yoga. While I try to refrain from posting “dear diary” accounts on this blog, I agree that keeping track of my progress and thoughts on the mat could be interesting.

2013-07-17 13.44.42

When I started this blog, the intention was to document my attempts at domesticated homemaking and building a life in a new city. Then it eventually evolved into a chronicle of my nomadic and sometimes reclusive tendencies. On its fourth year and the last of my 20’s, I thought to just gather everything in this nexus. It’s still essentially a journal, but of several paths and journeys–all parallel and also intersecting.  So, this should be the last of the “let’s catch up on my life” posts, and the rest is in the archives.

Here’s to proper chaturangas and a stronger core.