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To overshare, I spent all my formative years in a Catholic girls school and danced ballet. Raised by nomadic hardcore religious adults, I met the late Mother Teresa at the age of 3 while slurping on kosher yogurt and straddling a suitcase, somewhere in Israel. At 7, I began writing about animals and sending handwritten manuscripts to several relatives and convivial adults. After growing up with Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and Good Housekeeping’s Monthly Fiction series (usually on the throne), I decided to start my own publication on stuff like ballet, animals, and high fashion by cutting up magazines and writing/drawing/pasting the editorial content. Readership was nil. At 13, my graduation gift was a summer in SF without parental supervision; I was never the same. I became an adult and tried to follow my grandfather’s footsteps via a career in foreign service or international development. One day, I quit my  job with a magazine, packed my bags and moved to Singapore (yes, it was for love). The time in the red dot city was monumental and pivotal for many reasons, such as cementing my love for words, learning to swim in tech/digital waters, and the discovery of shisha (nothing less than Al Fakher tobacco). I returned to my mother-island, after a brief stay in rural Nepal teaching kids stuff they already knew. I also returned to the first company that took my writing seriously enough to pay for it and air it on television.